Body Contouring on the Abdomen, Waist and Breasts


Who can be helped?

Thin women and even men in good physical condition can still suffer from a prominent belly. Sometimes the proportions just aren't right. The waist has disappeared and the abdomen rolls over into the hips. Often in women multiple pregnancies are the explanation for an inability to retain the original desired shape, despite adequate exercise and healthy eating habits. Men may complain of high hips and enlarged breasts. It is unpleasant for a man when his breasts are noticeable under a T-shirt or his hips have a feminine silhouette. These problem zones are extremely difficult to address; sometimes improvement seems impossible …but fortunately there is liposuction.


More general information on this procedure can be found under: Body Contouring / Liposuction



What is possible?

Vibration-assisted liposuction using tumescent local anesthesia makes possible a targeted, gentle, long-term removal of the cosmetically-disturbing fat deposits. The post-operative results are of course subject to the same forces of aging as normal tissue, but are relatively permanent as long as one eats wisely and exercises adequately. One must often treat multiple zones together to obtain a pleasing overall appearance; for example, we often treat the upper and lower aspects of the abdomen, along with the waist and hips. In contrast, liposuction of the male breasts is often done as an isolated procedure. It always amazes me just how much the skin contracts and smoothens after liposuction on the abdomen and breasts. Even after removal of massive fat deposits, such as the hanging belly or apron of fat , the skin contracts quite well. Surgical removal of excessive skin is needed only in isolated cases in order to make the results more perfect. An abdominoplasty or belly tuck may be needed if there is loose tissue, relatively little fat and large amounts of excessive skin with folds and stretch marks. In a personalized consultation, I will be happy to discuss with you which approaches are best for your problem areas.



Special Features

Before doing abdominal liposuction, medical evaluation of the abdominal wall may be required. An umbilical hernia or any other kind of less common abdominal hernia are contraindications to abdominal liposuction and must be repaired before any cosmetic procedure can be considered. The risk of an injury to deeper structures and organs, which are usually protected by the abdominal muscles, is simply too high. Safety issues always take precedence over cosmetic ones.

In the same way, men with enlarged breasts may also need to be evaluated pre-operatively. Gynecomastia refers to increased amounts of breast tissue rather than fat and may be idiopathic or reflect underlying hormonal disturbances. Breast tissue can be distinguished from fat using ultrasonography or mammography.



Before- / After-Pictures

The following images are showing the before- & after documentation of my own patients. In a personalized consultation, I will be happy to discuss with you which approaches are best in your case. If you wish, I will be happy to show you examples of before and after pictures from other patients I have helped.


Patient 1


vor lipo bauch frontal 02              vor lipo bauch seite 02 



Patient 2


vor lipo bauch frontal 03              vor lipo bauch seite 03



Patient 3


vor lipo brust frontal 05              vor lipo brust seite 05



Patient 4


vor lipo bauch frontal 01              vor lipo bauch seite 01.1



Patient 5


vor lipo bauch frontal 04              vor lipo bauch seite 04 



Patient 6


vor lipo brust frontal 06              vor lipo brust seite 06 

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