Body Contouring on the Buttocks, Hips and Back


Who can be helped?

For women the buttocks are often a cause for concern! While many men seem to prefer the „J. Lo-look“, most women seem to prefer a less dramatic but pleasing appearance. Who would not want to acquire a firm, well-defined and attractively shaped bottom – liposuction is the easiest way to achieve this desire. The hips usually must be treated at the same time to produce an attractive image.


A pretty back can be very charming and attractive. Unfortunately over the years there is a tendency to develop folds with underlying fat deposits - rolls of fat. Bra straps push the fat up and out, creating a decidedly unattractive image. In addition blouses and jackets are hard to fit. But there is help for his problem zone as well. The Christmas tree phenomenon - symmetrical folds of skin starting in the midline and extending downward and outward - also tends to improve after liposuction, as the skin shows its fantastic capacity to shrink and smooth.


More general information on this procedure can be found under: Body Contouring / Liposuction



What is possible?

Vibration-assisted liposuction using tumescent local anesthesia makes possible a targeted, gentle, long-term removal of the cosmetically-disturbing fat deposits. The operative results are of course subject to the same forces of aging as normal tissue, but are relatively permanent as long as one eats wisely and exercises adequately. Buttocks and hips, as well as hips and back, are usually treated together in a single session to obtain the most balanced results. Sometimes, if there are larger fat deposits, two sessions may be needed. In a personalized consultation, I will be happy to discuss with you which approaches are best for your problem areas.



Special Features

The healing process on the buttocks is often more unpleasant than on many other body sites. Initially, it is better to try to keep moving, standing or lying but not sitting. Most feel the end results are sufficient reward for the trying post-operative period.



Before- / After-Pictures

The following images are showing the before- & after documentation of my own patients. In a personalized consultation, I will be happy to discuss with you which approaches are best in your case. If you wish, I will be happy to show you examples of before and after pictures from other patients I have helped.


Patient 1


vor lipo huefte seite 01              vor lipo huefte dorsal 01 



Patient 2


vor lipo huefte seite 02              vor lipo huefte dorsal 02



Patient 3


vor lipo ruecken seite 03              vor lipo ruecken dorsal 03

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