Body Contouring on the Legs


Who can be helped?

The legs are the most common site in women where liposuction is used to perform body contouring.


The usual indication for treatment is the presence of „saddle bags“ - deposits of fat on the outer aspects of the thighs that are difficult to influence either with diet or exercise. The proportions are simply wrong. A pair of jeans seems very tight on the thighs, even in otherwise thin women, and at the same time, the waist is hopelessly too large. We see this classic situation almost daily. The inner aspects of the thighs and knees are another problem zone. Often the patient's mobility is hampered - skin rubs on skin, or fabric on fabric. If the fat deposits are located on the inner aspects of the knees, they may lead to an unattractive X-position of the legs. Sometimes the calves cause problems. One can't even think of wearing a dress. No boots fit over the calves; ski boots may also be a difficult fit. It isn't excessive legs muscles - just stubborn localized fat deposits.


Finally liposuction is the only way to achieve permanent improvement on the legs and arms in women with lipedema.

More general information on this procedure can be found under: Body Contouring / Liposuction



What is possible?

Vibration-assisted liposuction using tumescent local anesthesia makes possible a targeted, gentle, long-term removal of the cosmetically-disturbing fat deposits. The post-operative results are of course subject to the same forces of aging as normal tissue, but are relatively permanent as long as one eats wisely and exercises adequately. Cellulite generally improves during the healing process. The skin overlying treated areas becomes appreciably smoother. Attractive legs can usually be achieved only by treatment of multiple zones. Only rarely does one single treatment zone on the legs achieve the desired result; in some cases even 2-3 liposuction procedures are needed to produce the desired results. In a personalized consultation, I will be happy to discuss with you which approaches are best for your legs.



Special Features

The calves are the slowest zone to heal. Post-operative swelling is greater and last longer here. Compression knee stockings may be useful and comfortable for several weeks after the operation. It is generally wiser to perform leg liposuction in the cooler months.



Before- / After-Pictures

The following images are showing the before- & after documentation of my own patients. In a personalized consultation, I will be happy to discuss with you which approaches are best in your case. If you wish, I will be happy to show you examples of before and after pictures from other patients I have helped.


Patient 1


vor lipo beine frontal 01             vor lipo beine dorsal 01 



Patient 2


vor lipo beine frontal 02             vor lipo beine dorsal 02



Patient 3


vor lipo beine frontal 03             vor lipo beine dorsal 03

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