Body Contouring without surgery / Liposonix®


What is Liposonix® ?

The term Liposonix® is composed of the two words "Lipo" (greek. lipos = fat) and "sonix" (engl. sonic).

This non-invasive technology is based on targeting the adipocytes by highly focused ultrasound waves.



What happens during the treatment?

With the Liposonix®-procedure a special handpiece is placed on the zone to be treated. High-intensity ultrasound energy is focused on the previously selected fat and destroys fat cells in the superficial layers of the skin. It caused a permanent lesion of the previously selected fat cells, while the skin layer suffers no injury.



How does it work?

In a penetration depth of approximately 1.3 cm beneath skin surface, the transducer emitted ultrasound waves precisely focuse and consequently injure the fat cells due to the generated heat. The occurrent mild pain sensations and discomfort during the treatment can be very well intercepted by a previously administered pain medication. The remaining rest of the destroyed fat cells will be naturally metabolized and resorbed. The reduction of the fatty tissue and the new body silhouette is clearly visible after 2 months and on a sustained basis.


The Liposonix® procedure is no solution for general weight reduction needs and no substitute for surgical body contouring by liposuction as well. Somebody who is overweight can just expect a minor improvement as somebody who has some tiny fat deposits. Clinical studies have shown that adipocytes are removed very naturally and highly effective, but visible results may vary from person to person as seen in nearly all non-invasive procedures.



Pre- / Post-Images

In a personal consultation i´ll show you exemplary before / after pictures.

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