Facial rejuvenation


„Perfect aging“ is the goal, not attempting to recapture youth. The use of small, non-surgical techniques with great effects - the gentle approach to typical signs of aging - is both my philosophy and my concept in aesthetic medicine. A natural-looking result is the key goal of every treatment. There are many safe and gentle steps to a fresh, relaxed and natural look.


The first step on the way to success is an individualized consultation, addressing the concerns and wishes of the patient. In order to achieve optimal results when confronted with rough and discolored skin, wrinkles, folds and perhaps even sunken cheeks, sometimes a variety of treatment modalities must be combined. A classic combination is „relaxation“ with botulinum toxin A, „refreshing“ with hyaluronic acid and „smoothening“ the skin surface with fractionated laser or intense pulsed light (IPL). Non-invasive skin tightening with radiofrequency or ultrasound rounds out the non-operative spectrum. Either autologous fat or Radiesse® fillers can be used to restore fullness and a fresh look.


Hyaluronic acid products are especially suited for treating lips. Both the volume of the lips, as well as the contours of the upper and lower lips, can be made more natural with this filler. Full and sharp contours contribute to a more youthful and fresh appearance.


I use only non-permanent or resorbable fillers. These fillers are completely degraded by the body over time. While they must be re-administered regularly, this is not necessarily bad as the appearance can be periodically adjusted to the age and wishes of the patient. The greatest advantage of resorbable fillers is that they are well-tolerated and have a much lower complication rate than permanent fillers.


The relatively minor surgical procedure of an upper lid blepharoplasty has a great effect. The tired look, caused by the excessive skin and hooding of the upper eyelid, disappears nearly “instantly”. Now eyeliners, lid shadow and mascara can do the rest again - staying where placed and supporting a bright look. Dark deep rings under the eyes can be nicely corrected with autologous fat injections. Facial dynamic lines are best approached with botulinum, perhaps combined with a fractionated laser treatment.

Even after a surgical face lifting, it is essential to use filler injections to make the upper and lower lip, the region around the mouth, and the sunken cheeks also appear young and fresh, producing a harmonic and pleasing result.



In a personalized consultation, I will be happy to discuss with you which approaches are best for your facial rejuvenation. If you wish, I will be happy to show you examples of before and after pictures from other patients I have helped.

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