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Personalized Consultation


In our first meeting, I will ask you to explain to me your wishes and expectations. A mirror is a useful tool so we can analyze the current situation together. Photographs are also often helpful. My task is to carefully and clearly explain to you which aesthetic measures or procedures are available, what results they can reasonably be expected to produce for you, what risks exist, how long you will be incapacitated (downtime) and how much the treatments will cost. The key point of every such consultation is the personal recommendation of the treating physician. Successful medical treatment always requires trust from both parties - the patient and the physician. My decade-long experience in aesthetic dermatology and your trust are the best guarantees for relaxed therapy sessions and your satisfaction with the results.





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Many of my patients have evaluated me at an independent anonymous Swiss website. Their opinions could be helpful to you when trying to decide if you are going to choose me for an aesthetic treatment or operation! Please have a look at the website and see what people like you say.


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